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Wall Street and the stock market see more than their share of drama. No wonder Hollywood has found so much fodder for great films in the tales of high finance from downtown New York City. Hostile takeovers were popular in the 80s and 90s. Federal Best movies about stock trading was forced to implement in in order to halt the sell-off in the U. The story develops by showing the best movies about stock trading measures the firm plans to implement in order to control the losses of their worthless investments before the market figures out they are no good.

Mortgage-backed best movies about stock trading, among other collateralized debt instruments, are some of the main investments that caused the financial crisis. He wants to make a fortune while putting thousands of employees out of work by gaining control of the firm. A leveraged buyout LBO is the acquisition of a company by its management using debt or other financing. The Nabisco leveraged buyout is one of the most famous LBOs in history. Best movies about stock trading film tells the story of Naomi Bishop Anna Gunnan investment banker working towards landing a big tech IPO deal for her investment bank while at the same time getting entangled by her boyfriend into insider trading.

This film is based on the real life of former stock broker Jordan Belfort played by Leonardo DiCaprio who makes a fortune defrauding wealthy investors by selling them worthless penny stocks while being pursued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities and Exchange Commision SEC. The broker then sells those investments for a profit. Penny stocks are not well-regulated, and sometimes they can be over-hyped by fraudulent brokers who want to run the price up so they can sell for a big profit, while buyers lose their investment when the selling starts.

A stockbroker Charlie Sheen allows his mentor Michael Douglas to lure him into corporate raiding by providing him insider information. Corporate raiding refers to the act of buying enough shares to give the investor influence over the board of directors and management decisions.

Best movies about stock trading on insider information is illegal in best movies about stock trading well-established financial markets. Investors can often profit from the failure, or downside, of different type of investments by entering into credit default swap contracts CDS. Credit Default Swaps act in a similar way to an investor purchasing insurance on an investment and receiving a payment if the investment fails to meet certain criteria, such as failing to pay interest on debt.

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