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Binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina discussed here will be related to Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence. This content may be triggering or hard to read. Please take care of yourselves. Much of the language used here stays within the gender binary. This is because most information out there on this topic is presented within the gender binary, as well as because of the historical socialization of bodies within the gender binary.

I recognize the analytical limitations of this framework. It is important to note that there are more than two genders and people who identify or present outside the binary are at greater risk of victimization. For centuries, there have been struggles for binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina competing repression and liberation of women. A group which branches from the Transformative Consumer Research argues:.

Commoditization theory contends that a human being can be transformed into a commodity when they become the unit under the control of another [Kopytoff ]. Women very easily fit into this definition, having been treated and seen in both society and the law as property of men. Throughout history, women have been expected to have children and take care of those children while also taking care of the home while the men in their lives work and oversee the home and the members of the family.

Without women having and caring for children the system would collapse, because new people means new workers, but someone has to take care of these little people until they are able to become workers. That responsibility has often fallen on women. Federici elaborates on the changes women faced regarding their sexuality, from prostitution being legal and seen as a public service to the legalization of rape as long as the woman was poor.

She also talks about the influence that the church had in the subordination of women: This process was done to break down the power of women and their perceived erotic influence over men, and to implement a patriarchal power structure.

The Transformative Consumer Research developed research around the historical treatment of women as commodities rather than people.

This rationalization results in a never-ending cycle of abusing women and blaming them for being abused, and even the assumption that women exist for that purpose. Some more extreme ways that women are commodified are through forced marriage and human trafficking where there is a tangible price tag attached to the women being bought and sold; also when women are raped, they are violated and literally used and discarded by the perpetrator.

Another form of violence are the constant attempts at restricting and eliminating reproductive healthcare and access to safe abortions, because women are expected to have children.

Women became obligated to procreate in order to maintain the labor force. By demonizing them for exercising power over their own reproduction, it became much easier for men to control and subordinate women.

To this day, women are subjected to being treated as objects simply for existing, in public space and in the private sphere. Whether it be from strangers on the street, the television screen, or loved ones, most women learn from a young age that they are not seen as people, but as objects, as toys, as vessels for the use of others, particularly men.

It is no surprise then that women and people assumed to be feminine would be subject to high rates of violence, because their bodies are seen to exist as property to be used and discarded. Sexual violence and domestic violence are much more similar than they are different. The root causes are the same. The perpetrators and the victims tend to be the same.

They have similar effects on victims and satisfy similar voids for perpetrators: Because of the multitude of similarities and connections between sexual and domestic violence, I often refer to them together, however I recognize that they are not one and the same.

Rape includes psychological coercion and physical force, and forced sexual intercourse means vaginal, anal, or oral penetration by the offender. Rape also includes incidents where penetration if from a foreign object e.

These crimes include attacks or attempted attacks generally involving unwanted sexual contact between a victim and offender. Sexual assault may or may not involve force and includes grabbing or fondling. Domestic Violence occurs in the family unit, whether it be parent-child, child-child, or partner-partner.

Physical abuse is the most noted form of domestic violence, but it is not the only. Some other forms of domestic violence include verbal abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, and sexual violence Pearl. Some signs of an abusive person include but are not limited to: It is estimated that 4.

The perpetrators of this violence against all genders are most often men. In the United States, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will be victims of severe violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime; this number increases for gay and bisexual men, to 2 in 5. One out of every 6 women and one out of every 33 men has been a victim of rape or attempted rape in their lifetime RAINN. In Mexico, 6 out of 10 women experience some form of gender-based violence; Mexico has some of the highest numbers of gender-based violence and femicides teleSUR English.

Marginalized groups are at high risk of violence because of their perceived binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina or weakness, or the idea that they are inferior because they have been otherized. It is binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina for perpetrators to feel a sense of control by exerting power over people they may have social power over.

This can make the most marginalized people, such as people of color, immigrants, low-income and houseless people, and disabled people face victimization at higher rates. In addition, Native Americans are more likely to be assaulted by strangers, whereas overall statistics show a propensity towards victims knowing the assailant in some way RAINN.

This shows how race and gender intersect, being that women of color often face binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina for being their gender and their race simultaneously.

Transgender, queergender, and gender-nonconforming people also face higher risks of sexual and domestic violence. TGQN people of color face even higher rates of violence than their white peers. A transgender person of color is 2. Ten million children are exposed to domestic violence in the United States every year Vagianos.

Children being exposed to abuse in the home are likely to carry over those experiences into their lives in negative binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina.

Juveniles are also at the highest risk of sexual violence, juvenile girls in particular: Children are easy to control and manipulate, making them easy targets for all forms of abuse. All of this and more makes children, our most vulnerable population of people, at high risk for sexual and domestic violence.

Pursuing legal action against a perpetrator is expensive for all parties involved. Lawyers, court proceedings, loss of work, and so binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina more. In the majority of cases, reported assaults do not result in a conviction or jail time for the accused. They are also more likely to experience long-term health complications related to abuse, such as heart disease, stroke, and asthma Pearl.

Victims visit doctors, hospitals, and counselors more often due to immediate and lasting physical and psychological injuries Avellanacosts which fall onto individuals as well as facilities. There are 18, mental health care visits every year due to this violence, and the difference in average cost for emergency care for incidents related to this violence is staggering: Women lose 8, days of paid work every year due to abuse perpetrated by current or former male partners Vagianos.

Victims of abuse tend to have to take more time off of work and school for doctor and hospital visits, counselor visits, and legal visits and proceedings. Ansuya Harjani wrote an article for World Economy outlining some of the economic costs of this violence.

Sometimes abuse victims are asked to leave their jobs or have been fired because they are being stalked Futures Without Violence.

Being childless, leaving an abusive partner is difficult. If you are a parent suffering from abuse, leaving presents even more challenge because: Often time women in abusive situations are pressured into childbearing and into being a housewife or part time worker, restricting their access to financial resources and social networks.

All this on top of having to now pay all expenses on their own with little time or ability to prepare binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina often lead to houselessness. Melissa Jeltsen states that domestic violence is the third-leading cause of homelessness among families.

She also shows how houseless abuse victims need special considerations: It is less safe for women to be houseless than men due to exposure and likelihood of violence. It is estimated that only approximately one-third of sexual assaults are reported to the police RAINN.

From tovictims gave the following reasons for not reporting sexual crimes to the police: Many people binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina not trust the police, especially not in regards to gender-based violence. A contributing factor of this could be because of the high rates of domestic violence reported in relationships involving a police officer. Police often ask victims what they wore, what they drink, who they were with, and other questions which place blame onto the victim.

Police also exhibit aggressive tendencies and police brutality is a growing epidemic in the US. It is hard to blame people for not trusting the police. For most people, the police are not there to protect them. Police also may pick and choose when they decide to interact or intervene, and when they do interact it can result in more violence than before they came.

That aside, the police being called does not mean the abuse will even stop. The police may end up arresting the abuser who may then spend a night in jail, but that does little to actually stop the abuse long-term. Police may also pressure the binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina to file charges, often using threats to take children, amongst other things angola3news, With so much blame placed on women for their victimization, and so many excuses given to perpetrators, it stands to reason that at some point, women would believe it is their fault also.

So they stay, they try to make it work, they fight for love and their families. There are binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina many other options widely presented.

This election has blatantly confirmed that assault allegations cause very little harm to the accused. Yet somehow the responsibility is consistently placed on the shoulders of the victim to keep quiet and protect their abusers.

Women are at risk for even more violence when they do leave abusive situations. Staying is risky, leaving can be even riskier. Leaving is nearly impossible when you do not have financial resources, or you have been isolated and have no support system or social resources, especially when you have children involved.

It is never a matter of just leaving. Thankfully, there are many ways in which people are standing up and resisting this violence for themselves, their loved ones, and all victims and potential victims. Renoux suggests asking different questions, such as binary options gorilla fights binary options trading in argentina victims did, what they were thinking, what did they try, because in almost all cases, the victim did something, no matter how little, to resist the violence they faced.

This shift can be empowering for victims and help them to realize it was not their fault and they did what they could do in a bad situation. People around the world come together in solidarity on this day to protest violence against women and gender-based violence Harjani.

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