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See the following section about the AsNoTracking method. Typical scenarios in which you might want to do that include the following:. You have the following options:. Check the connection string. In the second image, after EF has been used to read a student entity from the database, you see the proxy class.

Solution Wait a few seconds and refresh the page. The data in memory acts as a cache and is used when you update an entity. Select the Web tab and then binary options intermediate tutorial pdf the port number in the Project Url text box. Calling an Update Query Suppose Contoso University administrators want to be able to perform bulk changes in the database, such as changing the number of credits for every course.

See the following section about the AsNoTracking method. If content within a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy. You might want to get an actual entity type from a proxy type. In the previous tutorial you implemented table-per-hierarchy inheritance.

Most of the time you don't need to be aware of this use of proxies, but there are exceptions: However, if you do need lazy loading and you need change tracking, you can create new entity instances with binary options intermediate tutorial pdf using the Create method of the DbSet class. As is always true when you execute SQL commands in a web application, you binary options intermediate tutorial pdf take precautions to protect your site against SQL injection attacks. SQL Network Interfaces, error: However, writing additional code to implement these patterns is not always the best choice for applications that use EF, for several reasons:.

For example, see the following two debugger images. Repository and unit of binary options intermediate tutorial pdf patterns Many developers write code to implement the repository and unit of work patterns as a wrapper around code that works with the Entity Framework. The original values are stored when the entity is queried or attached. It displays the same data it did before.

If you're tracking a large number of entities and you call one of these methods many times in a loop, you might get significant performance improvements by temporarily turning off automatic change detection using the AutoDetectChangesEnabled property. When you're using Code First you can't change the data model in the binary options intermediate tutorial pdf, but you can move things around to make it easier to understand. Now set a breakpoint on the return statement F9 with binary options intermediate tutorial pdf cursor on that line. The returned objects must be of the type expected by the DbSet object, and they are automatically tracked by the database context unless you turn tracking off.

One function this mechanism is used for is lazy loading. Solution Wait a few seconds and refresh the page. You can file bugs, and you can contribute your own enhancements to the EF source code. When the Entity Framework creates entity instances for example, when you execute a queryit often creates them as binary options intermediate tutorial pdf of a dynamically generated derived type that acts as a proxy for the entity.

For most of these topics, you'll work with pages that you already created. You can usually solve this problem by exiting all instances of Visual Studio, then restarting the project you're working on. See 'EntityValidationErrors' property for more details.