Forex trading courses singapore reviews

I attended a forex course preview from the guy who keeps advertising on newspaper every other day. So that "FREE forex course" got me interested and went down to have a look. Who cannot talk such stuffs?!

And when we are about to end the preview, he ask us all to stand up and arrange us in an order for who is interested and who is not interested. He was DAMN pushy into getting people to sign up. And he discriminate those standing in the not interested area. End of the day, i was totally pissed by his hard selling and no results were shown to proof that he is a really good trader or one that is making money now.

What's worst is people sign up and not knowing what they sign up for. If you want to fast forward and cut the chase, it's www. And surprisingly Forex course is still running, or it just part of self-knowledge course for yourself? What forex trading courses singapore reviews can show is screenshot of their strategies working. But when trading live, you will come to realise that it probably failed more times than it actually works.

So those screenshots are captured on ones that worked, what will happen to most of the people who aren't actually good at trading and follow their forex strategies wholeheartedly and to realise it doesn't work as taught. They end up loosing more money than they actually had in the first place. Most people join these forex courses with the mentality of making more money, but most end up loosing their money instead.

I consider myself as a knowledgable forex trader, but a keen learner. Found some good ones, but so far nothing really good and applicable those that can really follow their forex trading strategy and make money most of the time. One should only enter Forex gaming if let say you have a dispensable amount ofavailable.

You probably may use 20, from the dispensable amount to have some fun. Its too risky that way. This may seem small, because the capital is small, but if you increase or grow your capital, then it will snowball to a good sum. On a sidenote, i have just sign up for 3 online forex course sound stupid i know, but i like to learn because to me is forex trading courses singapore reviews i can just get 1 good tip from a forex course that will help in my forex trading then it's worth it for me those 3 forex trading courses singapore reviews quite good reviews, but shall see how it goes, or is it just another crap load of theories that doesn't work.

All 3 forex course are on price action. Because indicators are usually slower, and by the time the indicator forex trading courses singapore reviews a signal and when you enter. Usually, the market will then turn against you. Price action is what that moves the market. Thats the reason why i now focus on price action. Learntotradethemarket is more theory base which i didn't really like as there is not much actual forex strategies to apply. Asiaforexmentor focus more on live trading and did show 2 trade secret which i have tested works pretty good.

Your above criterias may be correct I worked in the dealing room before. Experienced millions of dollars lost in the market within hours I just had Happy hours with forex trading courses singapore reviews of my old colleagues from the banking-forex industry a few weeks ago.

Foreign banks really paid alot. Well, I may go back to self-trading in future too Just do it lah. I don't know what kind of trader are you. But i'm sure you know nuts about forex trading. Apparently you do not trade forex as you do not even know 1k can be traded. Go check it out! You may go back to self trading in future. Its easier to talk than to trade your own live and be profitable.

Only difference is the 1k account you are trading with smaller lot sizes. However, i will not recommend people do live trading with opening a demo account virtual account first. Many forex brokers offer free download of their mt4 software where you can open a forex demo account. I told him why work so hard for that few cents? He stopped talking to me forex trading courses singapore reviews that. I recently went for JF Lennon introductory seminar. But price also see already nosebleed.

Anyone know of any other Free introductory forex seminars worth going, with decent turnout? I'd like to attend these sessions to meet other beginner traders just like me. I have never been to JF lennon forex seminar, but know of a few friends who have been through it. A quality website by Jeyel since Signup Login 06 Apr, Forex Course Singapore Crap! Please Login or Signup to reply. I have finally found the way to trade with just 1 hr a day with high winning ratio.

You can read more on page 2 on this thread where i place my reviews and comparisons. Maybe i'm not looking hard enough? I have gone through the 3 online forex course i forex trading courses singapore reviews.

The strategies were not new and didn't worked. Originally posted by M the name:. Originally posted by eddiecheng:. Sgforums really lacked of people with these trading knowledge I have been trading live for more than 3 years not forex trading courses singapore reviews its a long time and am profitable.

Many forex broker offer micro lot sizes. They are not you. I also know many rich friends. Forex broker - Oanda is one of the many forex brokers that offers micro account.

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