Latex document class multiple options

Sometimes the best option to customize a document latex document class multiple options to write a new class from scratch. This article explains the main structure and latex document class multiple options needed in a new class. The first thing to do before coding a new class is to determine whether you really need a new class or not. Another important thing to have in mind is the difference between latex document class multiple options and classes.

Making the wrong choice latex document class multiple options affect the flexibility of the final product. In the next subsections a more detailed description of the structure and a working example, exampleclass. Additionally, a date can be added within brackets to specify the minimal release date required. Open an example of how to write a class in ShareLaTeX. Most of the classes extend and customize existing ones, and also need some external packages to work.

Below, some more code is added to the sample class "exampleclass. The commands in this part either initialize some parameters that latter will be used to manage the options, or import external files. Therefore all the commands in the standard article class will be automatically available in the example class, except that the document will be printed in a two-column format.

To allow some flexibility in the classes a few additional options are very useful. The next part in the file "exampleclass. It takes two parameters, the first one is the name of the option and the second one is the code to execute if the option is passed.

In this case the document is set to two-column and if the user tries to change it to one column that won't work, the option will be ignored. It takes only one parameter, the code to execute when an unknown option is passed. In this case it will run the next command:. Passes the option inside the latex document class multiple options pair of braces to the document class set inside the second pair of braces. In the example, all unknown options will be passed to the article document class.

There's a starred version of this command latex document class multiple options will execute the options in the exact order specified by the calling commands. In the example, if the options red or green are passed to the document the font used for the headline and the sections will be set to the corresponding colour. The colour called "slcolor" was defined in the preliminary declarations after importing the xcolor package.

In this part most of the commands will appear. Below you can see the full class file. To understand the rest of the commands see the reference guide and the links in the further reading section. When it comes to develop new classes it's important to handle possible errors to let know the user that something went wrong. There are four main commands to report errors in the compiler. Open an example of how to write a class ShareLaTeX. Writing your own class.

Contents 1 Introduction 2 General structure 2.

Exams in L a T e X can be easily created by means of the class exam. This class makes very easy to typeset questions, sets a 1in margin in all paper sizes and provides special commands to write and compute grades.

This article explains how to write exams in L a T e X. If you run out of room for an answer, continue on the back of the page. The syntax of the environment questions is very similar to that of the environment itemize and enumerate. The rest of the commands in this example are no specific to the exam class but may be useful to create a quick header for your exam. Open an example of the exam class in ShareLaTeX. In the previous section a basic example showing how to create question was presented.

Questions can be further customized, in this section is explained how. Often, the students are required to answer the exam in the space provided. That space can be manually set or evenly distributed. See the example below:. Check the documentation about lenghts in L a T e X for a list of available units.

See the next example:. The environments parts and subparts provide question-like nested lists. Jut like in questions you can set manually the vertical spacing. Another important feature of the exam class is that it provides commands that make easier grading the exams. The additional parameter inside brackest afer a question or a part represents the number of points assigned to it.

You can change the apparence and the place where the points are printed, see the reference guide for additional commands. Sometimes it's convenient to include half points as value for parts of a questions.

You can do this and then print then the value of the whole question. For this last command to work you must add the option [addpoints] to the document class statement.

It is possible to add bonus questions, this extra points will later show up in the gradig table. Adding bonus questions and parts is actually as simple as creating regular questions and parts. There is no support for other languages than English in the exam class. Nevertheless, it's easy to translate the default words for those in your local language. The next snippet shows how to translate the example presented in the previous sections to Spanish. The rest of the document would be exactly the same shown in previous examples.

The commands typed here change the default words in the exam class. These commands can be typed in the preamble to change the format of the whole document or right before a question to change the format from that question down to the next formatting command or the end of the document. The commands depend on the format and the information displayed on the table.

The h and v within each command mean horizontal or vertical orientation. If the command is preceded by a b means it changes the format in a bonus table, if the command is preceded by a c means it works on combined tables. Typing exams in LaTeX. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Creating new questions 2.

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