Option house broker

Additional Services at OptionsHouse. The platform is also extremely customizable, more so than others. Who Option house broker Recommend OptionsHouse to. Therefore OptionsHouse is highly recommended to price sensitive traders but it should will also appeal to those looking for a user friendly and functional trading platform.

This broker should appeal to most trader types, and their fee structure is option house broker attractive to both low and high volume traders. Who We Recommend OptionsHouse to. OptionsHouse provides customer support via phone, email, and live chat. It can be something of a chore to connect to live chat as you have to input a option house broker amount of details, but this is a very minor issue. OptionsHouse is very competitive when it comes to its commission structure.

Risk Viewer is a handy tool that will evaluate your open positions and can help option house broker manage your risk exposure. Who We Recommend OptionsHouse to. Additionally there are summaries provided for bullish, bearish and non-directional events. Experienced traders looking option house broker advanced features won't be disappointed while beginners should have problems getting used to trading while using this platform. You can access basic information but there isn't much that gives you any real insight.

There are two commission plans for trading, one of which is aimed at those that trade relatively infrequently and one of which is aimed at the more active traders. There is live quote option house broker, current market news, and much more as well. There is no third party research available, something which most brokers do provide, and much of the research features they do have are somewhat lacking in depth. What these two plans mean in practice is that OptionsHouse is attractive in terms of costs to basically all kinds option house broker traders. It's completely web-based, meaning nothing to download, and it's clean and modern looking.

This failing could be considered fair enough considering the fees charged by OptionsHouse, but it's definitely an area where the broker should look to improve. You can easily view short term and long term trends, along with various statistics and trading signals. Just as the fees at Option house broker should appeal to all option house broker traders, so should the trading platform.