Software developers binary options

Autotraders in Binary Options industry are all made by scammers to milk traders out of money. Why you don't see reputable brokers involved with robots is because they don't want to destroy their reputation by getting involved with scams. If you are a programmer then I suggest you first learn how to trade before you even attempt to automate anything. One of my students did this, it took him almost 2 years to create his systems.

He connected it to 24Option and Stockpair if I remember correctly so as far as I know it's possible to do so but you will be banned if they find out - most definitely. Once again, you need a whole lot of market knowledge.

A strategy is not enough. Everyone thinks they have a "good strategy" How long did you test this strategy for, a day, a week, months? On a live account? How many wins and losses? By the way, what is IQ Robot? Fri Apr 6 Tokyo: I use IQ Robot and 24 option for Binary option trading. I see quite a few auto trading softwares compatible with 24 option Placing the software developers binary options and other settings.

However i dont see any API's listed on the site. How to go about it? I have got a good software developers binary options background with decent strategy Self developed over the years with lot of specific parameters and less amount of betsSo manually it will take up most of time, I wanted to back test before i use it for live trading. August edited August Yeah, I don't know about 24options api but Stockpair has had one, I think they may have software developers binary options Well, you can always do it and unless you tell everyone maybe you can stay under the radar, also do it on multiple software developers binary options and turn it off now and then and don't "milk them" too much.

If you have experience and you are doing good then it's up to you. But if I were software developers binary options I would keep it to myself after creating it, the more people know about the higher risk of getting caught Thanks, It is intended only for personal use. I am really working on very small amountsso wanted to automate it.

You said something about webinars, Can you please let me know when is it? I wanted to understand any other strategies. So want to understand any more strategies out there which i can work with and comfortable with. Appreciate all the guidance. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 2 2 Guests.

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