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Most income you make from your business needs to be included trading stock valuation methods ato your tax return. This income is known as assessable income and is used, along with any allowable deductions, to calculate how much tax you need to pay each year. What you need to report and how you lodge the annual income tax return for your business will depend on the type of business you run. Keeping good records is essential to allow you to complete your income tax return and to back up all your claims.

Generally, when calculating the assessable income of your business, you must include amounts you receive or earn in the ordinary course of running your business, such as from selling goods or providing services. The ATO has information on what to include in your assessable income and what to exclude from your assessable income.

The income you include in your tax return will depend on whether you use the cash trading stock valuation methods ato accruals method of accounting.

Any increase in value will be treated as income while any decrease will be treated as a deduction. Find out more in Selling, manufacturing and sourcing products. This gain or loss must then be included in your assessable income in the year in which it is made. Trading stock valuation methods ato can claim a deduction for most expenses you incur to run your business, as long as they are directly related to how you earn your assessable income.

The expenses which you can claim are known as allowable deductions. Small businesses can claim immediate trading stock valuation methods ato for expenses that have been prepaid for a period of 12 months or less. You can claim a deduction for the cost of travel connected to your business. However there are special rules for claiming expenses which relate to the:. The amount of motor vehicle expenses which you can claim will depend on your business structure and the type of vehicle that you use.

See the ATO's information on claiming motor vehicle expenses trading stock valuation methods ato. For more information read Overnight business travel expenses on the ATO website. You can claim a deduction for repairs and maintenance for your business assets as long as they are not:. If your home is used as a place for your business, the expenses you claim will depend on whether your business is run from home, or if you just have a home office and do some of your business at home.

Additionally, if you run your business from home you may have to pay capital trading stock valuation methods ato tax CGT when you sell your home. This is based on the portion of the gain relating to the part of the home which is used for business purposes. You can claim deductions for the loss of value of your business assets over time e. To work out how much your assets furniture, machinery and equipment etc.

Your claim is generally trading stock valuation methods ato on the effective life of the asset the number of years a depreciating asset can be effectively used to produce income and the depreciation method you choose. Small businesses can choose to use simplified depreciationwhich allows you to:. You can claim a deduction for the costs of construction, structural improvement or alteration of buildings and surrounding property related to your business.

These types of deductions are called capital works deductions. Capital expenditure that is not covered by other tax rules can be written off in equal amounts over 5 years. This includes capital expenditure incurred:. Small businesses can immediately claim a deduction for some professional expenses incurred when starting a new businesses. Home New to business essentials Series Four Income and deductions. Need some help to get it right?

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